This is a courtesy post for a Doberman mix in Southern California that needs a new home.  Please email his current owners at with any questions or adoption inquiries.  

"Hi all!

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to rehome my beautiful and sweet dog Koa. 

He is probably a Doberman/Lab mix by our guesses. He is such a sweet and playful soul, I really wish I could keep him, but my folks aren't willing to work with him in modifying his behavior.

Unfortunately, Koa has been through a lot. I am his fourth owner and he is only 12 months old. He went through two fosters before I was able to love on him. We are guessing he had some negative experiences in the beginning of his life as Koa can be sensitive when meeting new people. He has had a history of becoming aggressive toward people who do not greet him appropriately or give him ample time to warm up to them. He can be a little unpredictable and struggles with men and older folks in particular. Like many sensitive doggos, Koa does not always like over-the-head pets— he usually does not allow people to pet him during first meeting. He does not do well with strangers entering the home and should be on leash if such occurs.

Once he warms up to people though, he is a sweetheart that just wants to play, especially his favorite game of fetch. He is super sweet, obedient, and loyal. He does well with other dogs and is very playful with them. He is house-trained and knows his basic obedience commands!

For these reasons, he deserves an experienced owner, preferably who lives in a house, and has a big fenced yard for him to exercise his heart out! His forever home would ideally include a family that is willing to put in time, effort, and necessary funds to get him all the help he needs to reduce his fearful behavior. I do believe he has enormous potential! 

He is an amazing dog, super smart, very athletic, and a bundle of joy. Ideally, his forever family is one that are true dog lovers, surrounded by a dog-loving community that will help desensitize his fear of some humans. He would do well with a doggy sibling.
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