Kobe is a senior Dobie who was impounded as a stray at an animal shelter and then surrendered to that shelter by the owner. They were probably told what it would cost to redeem him and didn't feel he was worth it. Rescue assistance was eventually requested because between the time he was impounded on June 4, 2019 and the date we rescued him, June 22, he had a moderate case of kennel cough. For a few days after we rescued Kobe, he was in a foster situation and behaved himself well. He wasn't exposed to other dogs because of his respiratory infection, but he was friendly to his foster parents and has continued to behave nicely toward our helpers at the rescue ranch. He does appear to be reactive to other dogs that approach his kennel, and when a dog in the kennel adjoining his was given special food for weight gain, Kobe appeared ready to take the other dog's food by force, which he couldn't, of course. We suspect he may be a resource-guarder with food and items of value to him and therefore may be a better choice for an adult home. Kobe is believed to be about 9 years old, and he has the beefy build and large head conformation typical of certain breeding lines of Dobermans. 
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