Kringle is a young male that actually came to us back in December of last year. He had quite a story and needed lots of care. Kringle has gone missing from his home for a week or two and was found after he had been injured, presumably hit by a car. He had a badly broken leg that needed surgical repair. The owner took him to a vet but the cost was far more than he could possibly afford and surrendered him to the animal shelter. The injury wasn't exactly new when he finally got to us so our surgical options were limited and we really though amputation was probably going to be recommended but our vet wanted to try and save his leg. One complicated surgery and a long rehab later, he has a functioning leg. It isn't perfect and care should be taken as he ages but he is currently fully able to handle running around the yard and up and down some stairs without issue. Kringle is a youngster, between 1 and 2 years old, and he is finally ready for a new home. He is good with most other dogs but we feel like larger dogs are a better match for him. He lived with kids in his previous home and we think older kids should be fine but he has some insecure moments that we feel might be tough for really young kids to navigate.   
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