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This installment of The Forgotten Dog Project included Larry, Mary Jane, and Sweet Georgia Brown.  Our original plan of strolling along the beach ended being canceled because it was surprisingly hot, even near the water, and the dogs weren't having much fun.  instead, we ended up spending some time at a local dog-friendly brewery called Ventura Coast Brewing Company in Ventura, CA.  It was a really neat spot and the dogs had some fun playing, relaxing and greeting other customers.  Sweet Georgia Brown is an older lady who came in with an absolutely gigantic mammary tumor that we had removed.  She recovered nicely but has since struggled with Wobbler's Syndrome and doesn't get around as well anymore.  Mary Jane was supposed to be 10 years old but we have a really hard time believing that.  Her teeth are extremely worn but nothing else about her indicates "old lady".  In fact, we struggled to keep up with her! She loved walking, exploring and being out and about so we would love to see her get a home with an avid hiker. Larry originally came to us with a dislocated hip and he had an FHO performed as well as months of rehab to get back to normal.  If you look at him now you would never know because he gets along great. Larry soaked up every ounce of affection he could get from everyone and proved to be a wonderful dog for social outings. Sweet Georgia Brown is now "free roaming" on our 6 acre property so she can enjoy life outside of a kennel and we hope that knowing how wonderful Larry and Mary Jane are out in the real world helps them find the forever homes of the dreams really soon!