Doberman Pinscher

Londo has been with us for a long time, much because of his past behavior while briefly in a home.  He was adopted years ago but he didn't trust the family and their constant eye contact made him nervous.  He NEVER actually bit anyone but they considered him aggressive and returned him.  We felt it only fair to let potential adopters know of this behavior despite us never seeing it and he has waited a long time for a second chance.  During that time, he has become a volunteer favorite and is very loved at the rescue.  Many of the volunteers have even forced eye contact and he has never reacted negatively...he even gives kisses to those he knows.  We still assume that he needs to develop a level of trust with a new home and an adult family would probably be best.  Londo is well behaved on his walks and he never goes after other dogs but he doesn't always share well in small spaces.  We hope he could live with a large female with enough space for them to feel comfortable or he would be happy to be your one and only.  Londo is proably 8 years old now so we hope he won't have to wait for that perfect forever home much longer!
Check out his youtube video and fall in love!!
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Volunteer Favorite!
                    "Even though Londo is supposed to be                       unpredictable, in my experience, he has been                       nothing but predictably sweet.  I have never challenged him by looking him in the eye, never need to, but he looks at me and even gives kisses.  When I walk him he has never shown aggression, just happy to be out and he always seems grateful for my attention.  I swear, he gives this look that says he appreciates me hanging out with him.  It is just so sweet, the look in his eyes.  He is a big guy but doesn't pull on a leash.  I really wish he could get a chance with someone."
                                                                            Jennifer - Volunteer