Marty is an endearing but STRONG Dobie boy who came to us originally from an upstate shelter. Now the honest truth is that he is quite the handful but we are hoping that in the right environment and with the right owner, he could be a really fun addition.  The good news is that Marty LOVES people.  He is playful, fun, and full of zest so runners and hikers pay attention!  Marty also loves water and takes any opportunity to take a quick dip.  He has some obedience training and he is very smart but focus work will need to be worked on so he won't be so distracted when out in public.  The bad news is that Marty's excitement gets the best of him sometimes and we can't recommend him for a home with another dog or other animals. He will probably need a solid fence if other dogs live next door because he likes to "fence fight" and often sustains injuries on his ears from neighboring dog quarrels.  He is currently kenneled separately at our rescue for that reason. Marty also isn't recommended for a home with kids since they  would be bowled over by his size and strength.  
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