Matilda has been with us a few months because she was so happy as a free-roamer within six fenced acres and indoor access through a doggie door, that there was no particular urgency to seeking a new home for her. She has been on view to potential adopters during that time, of course. Unfortunately, too many females in too confined an area - which they choose to occupy, even though they have six acres! - has meant squabbles occurring between them, and Matilda weighs 107 pounds! We were concerned that because of her size she could injure one of the other, more frail, older females. Matilda deserves a great home because she's a great dog, probably an Anatolian Shepherd mix, and she's 6 years old. We rescued her because her animal shelter wanted a rescue group to take her because she hadn't been well taken care of. The shelter vet removed a cyst from her side, but continuing care was needed for bad inner ear infections. Her ears had already suffered a lot, and she has "cauliflower ear" on both sides; i.e., ears hardened by scar tissue from lack of attention. This has not affected her ability to hear though, as she's a terrific watchdog that delivers a low bark for any unfamiliar sound quite a distance away. Matilda's only known bad habit is because of her athleticism; she knows she can reach things set back on the kitchen counter, and she enjoys putting her big paws on shoulders (we have trained this behavior mostly out). She's true to the herding breeds and will follow closely behind her owner, slightly to the side, to make sure her person doesn't stray far from the right path. We love this big girl and want her to continue to enjoy herself and be loved as much as she has been the past few months.
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