Matrix is a newer addition that turned up as a stray at an animal shelter.  He was originally labeled as 3 years old by the shelter but we took a look at his teeth and we realized he was older.  We think he's closer to 6 years old though he still has energy to burn and will do best with daily exercise.  Matrix got a dental cleaning and he was neutered.  He took some stunning pictures and he is a handsome fellow but he does have scars and calluses from his less than wonderful previous life.  He appeared to have suffered a bit of trauma, perhaps from a fight with another dog or just life as a stray.  He also needs to gain a few pounds but we are working on that and his appetite is improving now that his teeth are feeling better.  Matrix is crate trained and he can be a bit vocal when alone so leaving him out in the yard isn't a good idea.  He has been non-reactive towards other dogs and has enjoyed play time with large, female dogs.
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