Meadow is a recent animal shelter rescue in early August, 2021. She's a sweet dog who has some anxiety that has led her to unfortunate consequences during her short 16-month life. Her animal shelter placed her briefly the first time; she was returned because she became destructive in his small duplex. He said she needed a larger home with a yard. The animal shelter then placed Meadow again briefly and she was returned for climbing a 6' fence trying to escape when alone, and for eating toys. That adopter said he was a "professional trainer" but couldn't stop Meadow from being dog-aggressive, although she's good with kids and adults. We usually question when owners say their dogs aren't good with other dogs so we give them the benefit of the doubt. Often it's just "barrier aggression," so common in our breed, that makes dogs reactive on leash when they observe other dogs. Sure enough, Meadow is kenneled with another dog and there have been no problems. Finally, this poor girl received another black mark on her record by biting an animal shelter volunteer on the knuckles when restrained by grabbing her collar to deter her from fence-fighting the dog in the adjacent kennel. In the right home we think Meadow will be well-loved due to her loyalty and appreciation, just as her animal shelter people cared for her and hoped our rescue wouldn't turn her down. The "right home" for her will probably be one with a tall block wall (everyone needs to be gone sometimes!), people that don't have to be gone a lot, homebodies that don't need to involve their dog in a lot of socializing away from home, one that is mellow and low-stress, and perhaps one where she would be the only dog to reduce the urge to be competitive for attention. She knows some commands, walks well on leash, and plays fetch. She is worthy!  
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