This is a courtesy post for a Doberman at the Milo Foundation in Pt Richmond, CA so please contact the rescue at 
(510) 900-2275

Name: Raul

AKC Name: Red Fire Marshall

Doberman Pinscher, rust colored, neutered. Tail is docked. Ears are natural.

Birth Date: May 21st 2017

Available at: Milo Foundation, Pt Richmond

Raul is a confident, energetic doberman. He is a friendly and active guy with lots of love to give! He is super playful, wanting to zoom everywhere and be the star of the show. Yet he is just as happy to curl into a ball on the carpet or sun himself on the deck and dream of squirrels.

Like any young dobie, Raul is very strong and alert about his environment. He can 
pull quite a bit on the leash but he has been training on how to heel, walk on a loose lead and off-leash recall. The good news is that he is a very fast learner and wants to please so he has already made a lot of progress. Raul is very responsive to his handlers and knows how to “sit”, “down”, “go to crate”. He is comfortable in a car and loves to run in the park.

A lover of toys and treats, Raul can be a real goof-ball around the house. He relates generally well to other dogs outside but can be a bit pushy with them in the house. He will do very well in a home with no other dog or a female dog. He has a tendency to dominate certain male dogs which is characteristic of his breed. 

Because Raul is very strong, we recommend no kids under 15. He will make a wonderful 
companion for someone dog-savvy (ideally with a large breed working dog), super active, and willing to give him the structured training and exercise he needs. It is very rewarding to work with him since he trains so well.
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