Missy is an almost 10-year-old Dobie girl that was surrendered by a breeder that could no longer use her for breeding.  She produced AKC puppies while living in a dirt kennel and never saw a veterinarian.  She never went on a walk, rode in the car or got to know what it was like to be a house dog.  It really breaks out hearts actually.  Missy was adopted briefly by a lovely family who felt bad for her the way we did but it ultimately, wasn't a good match.  They were a very loving family but there were too many people around for Missy to handle.  She needs a very quiet home with limited visitors and a safe place to retreat when people come over.  She isn't a mean dog but it is a completely new experience and it is hard for her to trust new people.  Because of this, small children wouldn't be recommended either.  There was also a bite incident when one member of the family, worried she was running out the door, grabbed for her and she panicked.  Again, no one believed she was a mean dog but her lack of a normal environment for so many years means that she needs lots of patience and experienced owners that won't physically pressure her.  Missy deserves a second chance at a loving home because she can be quite sweet.  She is also quite dog social with slow introductions, though sometimes confrontational around food.  
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