Nani came to us a while ago along with her parents and her sister.  The two girls were very neglected and had a terrible case of mange.  Despite being in good spirits, the girls were completely bald and it took some time for them to heal.  Unfortunately, Nani's fur didn't completely grow back in and it is a bit patchy in some spots.  We are holding out hope that it can still be improved upon but her new family may have to just accept that this darling girl isn't perfect.  Nani is only a couple years old and she is a stout little female.  She is good with other dogs but does best with larger males and feeding time should be monitored because she feels all food belongs to her.  Nani loves water and we know that if anyone can look past her physical imperfections then they will appreciate the silly, affectionate and playful sweetheart she is.
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