Neptune came to us at the beginning of September, 2020 from an upstate animal shelter that declared him "highly affiliative." He leaned in for petting, allowed all handling, and seemed to enjoy training. Neptune came to his handlers when called and then oriented to lean against them. He will need a little training for his tendency to jump up sometimes and to softly mouth his handler. Unfortunately, as is customary of many white Dobermans, he has some visual deficiency; in other words, he can see, but not as well as he should. White Dobermans also tend to develop melanomas (skin cancers) as they age, so ideally they should have a vet exam at least every six months to be checked and treated, if necessary. Neptune is about 3 years old and he weighs 72 pounds. Neptune gets along beautifully with a female Doberman but smaller dogs bring out his prey drive.
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