Pepper is a new addition (as of October 2020) who came to us thru sad and unusual circumstances.  We were approached to help with a dire situation when Pepper's owner, an older woman, was tearfully asking for her dog to be euthanized.  Everyone was unsure why a perfectly healthy, happy dog was so close to losing her life since her owner clearly didn't want her to.  Sadly, she was living with a boyfriend who was threatening Pepper's life by his own hand unless she was euthanized and everyone was very worried about the escalating and serious situation.  We ended up taking Pepper so she could be spared and we really hope her owner will get the help she needs to escape her situation as well.  All we can do is try and give Pepper a happy future with a new home.  She is reportedly 5 years old, spayed and we got her up to date on her vaccinations.  She is a wonderful girl, good with other dogs (though she sometimes gets overwhelmed), and she has been sweet with everyone she has met during her time with us.  Pepper is a medium size dog, perfect for hiking trails, running, walking and also snuggling (she loves that too).  Though we haven't personally seen any protective behavior, her past may make her more likely to bond to a woman and be weary of men.  We think any men in her life may just need to have a bit more patience with Pepper if she needs it.
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