Radar and his brother, Hoagie, were rescued together; a very lucky day for them. They had been listed as Doberman Pinschers, and they passed their temperament tests at their animal shelter. When their shelter ran out of room for dogs in the available-dogs section, another shelter agreed to take them. At the last minute, however, the other shelter backed out, leaving the brothers with nowhere to go. They were scheduled to be put down the next day. So...one of our people went to view them and discovered that they aren't "quite" Dobies, but they were friendly and handsome, and worthy of saving.  They are about 2 years old and are ready for active homes.  We eventually had to separate the brothers because they started to quarrel and Radar has lived with some large females but he is now kenneled alone because he kept starting fights.  Unfortunately, we have to recommend him as an only dog but he is more than enough to keep a family busy! 
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