This is a courtesy post for a Doberman in Vacaville, CA that needs a new home.  He is being placed by a private party and not the rescue so please contact the owners with any questions or adoption inquiries.

Redd is a one year old male Doberman. He is altered, vaccinated, crate trained, house trained, good with kids and other pets.

Behavior issues:

-When he sees people or other dogs while he is on leash, he lunges, growls barks… But off leash, he loves to play with other dogs. For example: Yesterday we were on a hike, Redd was on leash and another dog approached that was off leash. On leash, Redd was very tense and seemed like he was ready to be his normal on leash self. After a brief interaction with the other dogs owner, he gave me permission to unleash Redd. As soon as I took him off leash, he and the other dog had a good game of chase and he approached the other dog owner with no barking or growling. Just simple, normal dog sniffing. I would describe Redd as being highly reactive in a negative way on leash and could benefit from some good training to work on this. Off leash, he is calm, playful, lovable.

-Barks when people approach the gate or he can here other people in the neighbors yards. But I guess he is just doing his job since Dobermans were bred for security.

-While he is fine with most people, there have been at least 2 individuals (both males) that he never seemed to be comfortable with. When we would be sitting together outside, if this person got up, or came back outside to be with us, Redd felt the need to bark and let us know. This was two separate occasions. Both of these individuals were nervous around Redd so we aren’t sure if he was just reading their nervousness as a threat or if they seemed too “alpha-y” and it made Redd feel challenged?

-Even off leash, he likes to chase and bark at bikers. This happened today on our morning hike. ☹ As soon as the bikers stopped, Redd turned around and ran right back to me. He stopped barking and interacting with them and just came back, it was as if he was just letting me know that they were there.

Other then those things, he is a very good dog and trainable as we have seen over the last few weeks. He just needs someone that can do this consistently. He shows no signs of resource guarding, will follow basic commands (sit/stay), crate trained, house trained, good with cats, chickens, children and most adults. (A side note with the cats: we have two cats. 1 cat is very ready to defend herself and stand her ground. Redd knows to leave her alone. The other cat will run away which triggers chase for Redd.)

A good home for Redd, would be one that has time to take him to get his energy out a couple of times a day and can provide the training and alpha type behavior that a Doberman needs. 
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