Rex is a new arrival who is neither a Doberman nor a "little paw." We took him in as a favor to an upstate animal shelter we enjoy working with because they pleaded with rescue partners to take one or two dogs from them to help save lives. They had 550 animals to care for, largely because of the massive fires requiring temporary or lengthier shelter for so many animals displaced by the fires. Rex is a delightful dog, always wanting to be right by his human's side, always being exuberant with everyone, and getting along with most other dogs. He does have a couple of bad habits, such as jumping on people he's happy to see and darting out doors to follow his people when they leave the house or a room. We are recommending him for an adult home and/or one with teenagers old enough to withstand being jumped on (we are working with Rex on this but he still sometimes forgets himself) and one with no other male dogs, as he did have a confrontation with another male when one tried to hump the other. We believe Rex to be housebroken, 3-4 years old, about 65 pounds, and probably a mix of German Shepherd and Golden Retriever.  
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