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Riley is an 11-year-old "special needs" Border Collie. His owner passed away, and we have a fondness for Border Collies, so we took him in. Unfortunately, the behavior typical of his breed isn't understood by the Doberman breed, so his herding and nipping at heels of the Dobermans isn't going well with them. Riley did have a wonderful owner for several months, but her living situation in too small a territory for him was causing anxiety and barking behavior. He's housebroken and quite beautiful. He just needs a larger territory, one where he can dispel energy without annoying other dogs. His "special need" is requiring eye drops in his eyes twice a day to keep his eyes healthy, since one of his eyes suffered an injury at some point. Riley is a special dog who will always stick very close by his loved one(s) and will give his complete loyalty to his next deserving owner. 

Border Collie