Rocco II (yes, we have two dogs named Rocco) was brought to us by a volunteer from an animal shelter where he had been surrendered by an adopter after he snapped at the younger kids in the home. He had been in the home only briefly, but the older kids were "torn up" about it because they had become so fond of him. Rocci II is probably a Dobie-Rottweiler mix plus another, slightly smaller unknown breed. He is smaller in stature than either of the two primary breeds, probably weighing around 55 pounds at age 18 months or so. He's a friendly guy with us, giving lots of tail wags, and he's a good companion for a similar-sized female dog we kenneled him with. We think Rocco II will be an easy dog for adults and families with older kids who won't be inclined to torment him. Some dogs need a little space initially to acclimate to a new home.
Rocco II
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