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One of our previous adopters has also suggested that many banks have options that will automatically take money out of your account each month.  It is similar to an automatic bill pay but it would be a donation instead.  Check with your bank and see if that would be an option for you.
Below are some of the sanctuary dogs to choose from and stay tuned for more as we can get pictures taken.
Adoptive Families:  
Greg and Jill Black for Jeff Guidry
Acelya Noronhaish

Poor Liam is about as anti-social as they come.  He came to us several years ago with his litter mates when they were about 4 months old.  Unfortunately, Liam came back to us a few years later when his owner went to jail.  We were told that when he got out in 6 months he may want to take Liam back.  We never heard from them and we think that may be for the best.  Liam is fantastic with one person and that's it. He doesn't like other dogs and is fear aggressive with strangers.  It's such a shame because he is such a handsome boy.  He is great with Ardis though and she is extremely fond of him.  He's a great watchdog, loves to play ball, and is pretty low maintenance.  He is about 7 now and will probably live out his senior years with us.  He's considered sanctuary because most people don't want a dog that needs as much work as he does.  Unfortunately a prospective family wouldn't even be able to touch him.  So although he can't actually be adopted he would love to be "virtually adopted".  Will you help us take care of this big, beautiful boy?
Adoptive Family: 
Carin and Dieter Seebold
Adoptive Family: 
Margaret (Peggy) Engard 
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These are a brother and sister pair that were basically feral dogs when they came to us.  They are lost without each other so they were never able to be placed separately.  It also takes them a long time to be comfortable around someone.  Paloma (the female) is a little more friendly with people but Picasso (the male) only seem to tolerate a person's presence.  They are just happy to have each other.  In this case, they aren't exactly un-adoptable but they are unlikely to be adopted.  Most people want to adopt a dog that will actually enjoy being with them. We would be happy to find them an actual home but in the meantime we would settle for a "virtual" home.  If you can help us care for these sweet babies please let us know.  We would really appreciate the help (and so would they)!  
Adoptive Family: Bill & Tracy Beckham
This sweet face belongs to Mustang.  We got Mustang as a 10 month old puppy along with 3 of his siblings.  We thought we were getting 4 young, highly adoptable puppies that would be adopted in a heartbeat, but we got everything but.  Mustang's sister went to a special needs rescue because she had severe neurological damage.  In fact, we think that their strange behavior might be explained by all of them surviving distemper as puppies as they were all a little bit "off".  None of them could live together or with any other dogs and they were all highly destructive.  One of his brothers actually ate all of the drywall off the side of his foster home's house.  One of his brothers was actually adopted a couple of years ago and is doing well.  Unfortunately, we are not expecting the same good fortune for Mustang.  His is nervous around strangers and in new situations as well as a bit of an escape artist.  We really do love this crazy boy though.  Will you help us care for him for the rest of his days?
Adoptive Family: 
Mike Klee
Judy and Ric Okun
Adoptive Family:
Drusilla Campbell
Poor Gus was exposed to the cruelty of people at a young age.  He was abandoned on our rural country road when he was just 5 1/2 months old.  He was hiding amongst the orchards with no food or water, and a very swollen leg.  X-rays were taken and his leg was broken in 3 places.  We talked over the options with the vet and decided that the best option for him was to amputate the leg.  It turned out that it was actually our only option because during surgery the vet concluded the leg had been broken for at least 2 to 3 weeks.  Luckily, Gus took to 3 legged living very easily.  Unfortunately, even with lots of socialization and prompt neutering, he did become unpredictable with other dogs.  Because pit bulls are such an overpopulated breed (and often end up in the wrong hands) we have made a home for Gus with us.  Thank you so much Drusilla for caring about this special boy.  

p.s. The picture here was taken when he was just a puppy and we're working on getting some adult pictures of him.
No Virtual Adoption needed because Andy was ACTUALLY adopted!
Poor Andy has been placed 3 times in his time with us and has failed each time.  He seems to be just too territorial to live in a normal home and becomes aggressive with visiting strangers.  We assume this was the case with his third home although we'll never know because we just found him tied to our front gate one day without any contact from the owners at all.  We never heard from them again.  Andy is now about 9 years old and we consider him a sanctuary dog because his chances of adoption are slim.  It doesn't help that Andy isn't good with other dogs.  He is a good walker for our volunteers and a favorite amongst the employees.  He is an all natural dobie boy and would love to see some visitors if you ever have a free saturday.  For now, we would just love to get some help in financially supporting him.  Any amount would help and Andy would really appreciate it.
This sad guy is Sutter and we believe he was probably a guard dog for most or all of his life. Sutter is an excellent watch dog but will cower if a hand is lifted or if you pick anything up so we don't think he was treated very well.
He has been great with other dogs and sweet with people though. Sutter isn't that old (maybe 7) but he is in the early stages of "wobbler's". The good thing is that wobbler's isn't really painful but the bad news is that it is degenerative. We believe that Sutter deserves to enjoy some love and pampering during whatever time he has left. We would love to see him get a home for that remaining time but if not, he'll live his life as a "free roamer" on the 6 acres at the rescue. Sutter could use a foster home or a "virtual adopter" that would be able to help financially support him.
This beautiful face belongs to a dog named Violet. Violet has had a rocky past but, we hope, a brighter future. She was dumped in the desert with a male pit bull when she was pregnant. A guy nearby began feeding both of the dogs but he couldn't keep them contained because he didn't have a secure fence. He asked us for help and we agreed to take her but the trick was catching her. She had to be fed some sedatives and a close eye was kept on her until she relaxed enough to be caught. She is spayed now and has been thru 2 foster homes but she is a tricky keeper. She is pretty close to feral and doesn't like a lot of people around. She is great with other dogs but will try to discipline them if they get too excited. It might be the "mommy" in her coming out. She is available for adoption but needs a seriously patient home. She has no idea how to properly interact with people. She has no idea how to except affection and will run away if she can. We think she will improve but may never be completely normal. She is currently in a foster home but we would love to see her in a permanent home where she can feel safe and comfortable forever.  In the meantime, we are looking for some financial support so we can continue to take care of her until a suitable home is found.  
Duke is a 10 year old male that was returned years after he was adopted because his owners were moving and couldn't take him with them.  Duke is a sweetheart but he wasn't returned in the greatest condition.  He was never housebroken so he pees in the house which makes him difficult to place at his advanced age.  He also has some benign growths that aren't dangerous to his health but are unsightly.  Technically, Duke is available for adoption but until that day, he is one of our permanent residents.  Please help us continue to support sweet Duke in his older years.
Adoptive Family: Jim Holman
Big Duke is an older male that has been thru more than any one dog ever should.  When he first came to us from an animal shelter he was emaciated and on the verge of death because of an extremely high parasite load.  One of our wonderful vets saved his life and he's slowly gained weight over time.  Unfortunately, Big Duke has a neurological problem that causes an irregular gait in his back legs.  He isn't painful so he gets around really well.  Because of these problems and the fact the Big Duke is quite dog aggressive, he's been a permanent resident with us.  Then bad luck struck Big Duke again when he bloated (a common problem with large breeds).  We rushed him to the vet once again, he went into emergency surgery, and they saved his life.  As he was recovering, he got very sick and had pneumonia.  We nursed him thru it all and by some miracle he survived.  Big Duke has charmed all of our volunteers and employees with his big smile and never ending charm.  Our hope is that one day Big Duke may be adopted but until then, he'll continue to be loved and cared for by us.  Please consider sponsoring Big Duke!
Adoptive Family:

Xenia Schwed and Jim Lieb

Adoptive Family:

Andrea Lackovic

Duke Sr.