Doberman Pinscher

​Cute right? This adorable guy is Sensei and he is finally ready to start the search for a forever home. Ironically enough, Sensei actually needs a sensei or in another words...a teacher. We aren't sure he has a lick of training but we know an experienced and calm owner could do wonders with him. He has mellowed a lot in the last few weeks, a far cry from the emaciated wild child that showed up from the animal shelter. Honestly, he was tough to handle and all over the place at first but he has settled in and become a willing student. We aren't sure if he has any doggie social skills yet but we do know he has some reactivity on leash (common in our breed) so he will need a little work in order to go for walks in the neighborhood. He won't be the right addition for a lot of people but for the right home, Sensei could be an amazing companion. Affectionate, smart and perfect for people who love to be active...absolutely full of potential. 
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