Slider is a new arrival (June 6, 2020) from an owner who cared so much about finding a safe place for him that he drove him to us from Oregon. He and his wife had Slider for about 2 years, but his insecurity around strangers made him unsafe for the family to have him around other people and dogs. He was good with the family's own kids, ages 11 and 13, but he clearly had a very sheltered, unsocialized life before joining this family. Slider is about 3 years old, 60 pounds, housebroken, very sleek and beautiful, command-trained, and not destructive. He has many good things going for him, but he needs a more sedate lifestyle with a patient, knowledgeable owner that can inspire confidence in him. He's a sensitive dog who reacts entirely out of fear and anxiety, so ideally should have an owner who is very attuned to his delicate nature. It appears that Slider can live with a non-confrontational companion dog, preferably a female, and this may even inspire more confidence in him if the other dog has a more outgoing demeanor.
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