Doberman Pinscher

Smokey is a beautiful 5 yr old blue dobie. In the short time he’s been in rescue we see that he is a shy boy that hasn’t been out and about a lot. He’s startled by things in everyday life and needs time and coaching to gain self confidence. He walks ok on leash and will respond to obedience requests once he’s more trusting of his new life and surroundings. He is standoffish until he’s sure he’s safe, then quite affectionate. In our experience, Smokey isn’t reliably social with other dogs and can be unpredictably aggressive so he should be an only dog.  He’s not barky or destructive with his bedding.  He would not be a good candidate for a first time Doberman owner; a home with young children (the noise and activity would make him too nervous), or cats.

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