Sniper is a new Dobie that we really had to advocate for! He was surrendered to an animal shelter by his owners after he apparently got into an argument with a neighbor dog. It isn't clear whether the dogs were not confined, or whether the neighbor dog got into Sniper's yard, vice versa, or what the circumstances were. His animal shelter required that we sign a waiver, promising not to adopt him out to anyone with another pet or children, so we are bound by contract to place him in an adult home with no other animals. That said, we have quickly become quite fond of Sniper. He has interacted nicely with the volunteers he has met during his stay here, and we have no qualms about his behavior toward people. We hope to find him a relatively experienced Doberman-savvy home, though; one that will keep him secured and out of harm's way. Sniper is a medium-sized Dobie, about 5 years old.  
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