This is a courtesy post for a Dobie/Husky mix in need of a new home due to a move. Please contact her owner at with any question or adoption inquiries. Please note: this dog is not at the rescue and we have no other information other than what is included so please contact the owner to adopt.

"Stormie (2yr old) born March 24th, 2019

She has been with us since she was 8 weeks & grew up in a home full of
children (years 4 & 1).
She is a really energetic dog & needs to be walked & taken to the park to
burn energy. She’s really sweet & is shy to new people. She eventually
breaks through that & wants to play.
She is good with other dogs and lived with another dog (Chihuahua)
She knows basic commands & could still use a little more training. She's a
inside dog for sleeping but can spend all day outside to play. She does not
like to be shown aggression; she will get into defense mode & be on guard at
all times.

Over all she is a loving dog that I want to help find a new home for since
we are moving & her breed is not allowed.

(Her flaw would be still needing to walk with a training collar for
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