Meet the adorably handsome Turko. This brown-eyed beauty is about 7 years old now (September 2020) and originally came to us from a home with two female Dobies. Unfortunately, while the owners were away from home, their two chihuahuas crawled into the yard with the three Dobies and another large male dog which ended in the death of one of the little chihuahuas. No one knows which dogs were involved or if a "pack mentality" took over but the owners decided to give up all three Dobies just to be safe. Turko needed a bath and some vaccines but he was a pretty sweet guy so we got him fixed up and want to find him a new home. He bonds really well to people and though he has some watchdog skills, he is well behaved with strangers. Turko was an outdoor dog so he will need some introduction to indoor living but he is so bonded to people that we want to see him be a part of a family. He only knew the company of the dogs he lived with before and we have only seen aggression towards other dogs we have introduced him to so he must be the only dog in the home.
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