Doberman Pinscher

​Meet the absolutely irresistible, Zero! This extremely handsome boy was turned into an animal shelter because he had several melanomas (not unusual for a white Dobie but luckily they are still small) and the owners either couldn't afford surgery or didn't want to deal with his ongoing care. He was in great condition so we assume it was a cost issue because this dog seems like he was loved and cared for.  We had the growths removed and he has healed well. He is 6 years old, absolutely gorgeous, sweet and somewhat dog social. He LOVES to play and would do best in a home with a larger female dog that he can romp with! His relinquishment form was actually really stellar (housebroken and obedience trained) except that his previous owners stated he wasn't good with small kids or cats. He is pretty prey driven so along with cats, we also don't recommend him for a home with small dogs.  White Dobies require a special home and someone dedicated to their medical needs. Zero has really light blue eyes so he can't see well (or at all) in bright sunlight and doggie goggles might be necessary when he goes out and about. He will also need to be allowed indoors with plenty of shade in the backyard so his sun exposure can be limited, hopefully resulting in fewer melanomas in the future. Zero is amazing though and he will repay his forever family with lots of love, laughter, and fun! 
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