​Ziggy is a bit of a wild child, full of youthful energy. He's about 1 year and 7 months (as of February, 2018), and he's lightweight and wiry, so he can really run (may be perfect for a jogger!). We were asked to take Ziggy by his animal shelter when he became "rescue only" for failing his temperament test on food aggression. He apparently tried to bite the handler when his food was to be removed. We think he had a perfectly good excuse: he was picked up weighing 50 pounds and was emaciated, probably indicating he had been starved for the period of time he was running stray. When Ziggy arrived here, we immediately kenneled him with a large female dog, and we saw no signs of food aggression whatsoever. Unfortunately, some animal control departments are so concerned about liability that in order to rescue certain dogs, we have to sign a waiver, not only indemnifying the county, but also agreeing not to place these dogs with any kids or other pets. That doesn't mean he can't visit, and be visited by, other dogs, however. We think it would be sad to isolate him forever from the companionship of other dogs just because of one instance on a behavioral test item.  
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