Zuma was relinquished to us in March 2019, at age 10 months. There was somewhat of a language barrier with her owner in trying to obtain more information about her behavior and the reasons for surrendering her. Zuma is tall, lean, and quite beautiful. She also adores people and clearly has had some training. Because Zuma is so sweet and affectionate with people, she has become a volunteer favorite. However, Zuma must be placed as an only dog because she is not dog social. We have tried to kennel Zuma with other dogs, and it has never worked out. We think that Zuma will thrive with a strong and active owner who can provide her with the exercise and additional training that she needs, and make sure that she is not around other dogs. Also, Zuma should not be around small children, as she likes to jump on people in her enthusiasm to greet them, and she could easily knock over a small child.
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