Ace came to us from an animal shelter recently (August 2020) after being turned in as a stray.  He was strapped to the back of a pickup and his video set social media on fire.  No one ever came to the animal shelter despite the list of possible adopters that signed up for him so we were asked to come and pick him up.  Ace is around 4 years old now and absolutely full of energy.  He is strong and he has energy to burn.  He will certainly need an active owner to help satisfy those needs so he can be more relaxed at home.  Ace is smart and we think he's a willing learner but focus is something he will need to work on.  He will need patient leadership to show him how to navigate the world.  So far, Ace has been a doll with people and friendly with everyone but we haven't seen him around children.  His energy level may be better suited to an adult home anyway or one with teenage-aged kids.  Overall, Ace is a great dog but he does not get along with other dogs.  He is reactive on leash and though he has responded well to strong leadership, he will need continued work if he is to be walked in populated neighborhoods.  He is ready for a new home that can give him what he needs to be the best dog he can be. 
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