​Bella is a cute little lady we received in early June, 2022 from an animal shelter that had received her as a return from an adopter. We're not sure why this happened, but since the shelter then proceeded to remove a growth from her foot and surgically repair a "non-reducing hernia," we imagine her return had to do with the veterinary expense the adopter would have had to incur. During her week-long stay with us (as of June 14th), she has been living comfortably with both a male and a female Doberman, and there have been no incidents. Bella primarily stays at the front of her kennel wanting attention from humans, though. She'll need a fence that is secure at the bottom because she likes to slide under and follow her humans everywhere. We think Bella may be a German Pinscher because she's small, though at 50 pounds she's not thin and has the more the build of a GP than a small Doberman Pinscher. 
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