Meet Bethany! This sweet girl was at an animal shelter and rescue was requested due to large “growths” on her sides. They didn’t feel like any growths we’ve experienced before so off to the vet we went. Turns out, those are her ribs! Bethany has scoliosis which makes her spine curve around like an S. We had only seen scoliosis in young puppies that unfortunately didn’t survive past 4 months so it’s amazing to see Bethany as an adult and functioning so well. In fact, other than her odd shape, she shows no other signs of anything being wrong. She is not in pain, active, playful, and loves going for walks. Her spine should be watched closely because an injury to her back could be more severe with her condition. She is about 2 years old, friendly towards people and she’s been good with large male dogs. Bethany might be a bit different but she is just as deserving of love and we can’t wait to see her living it up in a new home!
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