​We have two dogs named Rose again. Rose Jr. is a Dobie mix we placed in mid-August, 2022, as a 6-month-old puppy. Two months later she is back with us because she hasn't been trained and seems to be challenging to train, according to her ex-owner. Rose Jr. is known to be 50% Doberman and 50% American Bulldog, so she's not a large dog but she has plenty of body mass. On the positive side, she's mostly housebroken and she's good with other dogs, cats and kids. On the downside, she's destructive. She will clearly need to lead an active lifestyle and either be crated or outdoors when she can't be supervised. We assume that much of Rose Jr.'s misbehavior is due to still being a puppy, and the rest is probably because her need for exercise, stimulation, and training hasn't been met.  
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