Boris and his brother, Steele, were on their last day at a nearby animal shelter, and we had a kennel available, so they got lucky and were rescued. Immediately after putting them in a kennel with 6' welded wire sides, Steele vaulted over the side, but Boris remained where he was. Intending to keep the boys together we moved them to a covered, inescapable kennel, at which point they began arguing. When we moved Boris into a kennel with an adult female Doberman, all was fine until we needed a kennel and decided to try him as a free-roaming dog with others inside six fenced acres. We learned a couple of things about him this way, one being that he doesn't try to escape the property and seems quite happy and active, but he can be selective about which dogs he likes. A couple of males were more or less stalked as Boris made it known he didn't appreciate them, so if he's to be a companion for another dog, it probably should be a playful female. He is also able to jump a medium-height barrier, so a minimum 6' fence or wall would be needed.  
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