Calypso is a tall, active Dobie we rescued from an animal shelter in early May, 2022. It's unclear why he was impounded at his shelter, but he passed his behavioral evaluation and was offered for adoption until the shelter required kennels for new arrivals. Calypso also had a chest wound on arrival, which was repaired by the vet staff at the shelter. We have found him to be a happy, friendly dog whose favorite thing is to stand as tall as a person against his kennel gate, with his front legs at the height of a person's shoulders. He'll probably need some training for his strength and his exuberance when first meeting human friends. On arrival at the shelter, Calypso was aged at 3 years, and he was very thin at 41 pounds but he has since doubled his weight.  Calypso lives with female dogs easily and he has been good with most male dogs but he is strong if challenged by them.  Calypso LOVES his people and is a wonderful companion.
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