Meet Chicken! Yes, his name is Chicken, though he doesn’t know it. We took him in from a rural animal shelter along with his brother who we named Rooster. Though both boys were shy, Chicken had the hardest time adjusting and need some help. Since his arrival, he’s gotten much better on the leash, now walking calmly next to his handler and is enjoying affection. He’s still an insecure guy but with continued patience and effort he will be an incredible dog. We were originally going to try and place the brothers together but we don’t think that we will be in their best interest anymore. They love like brothers but they also fight like brothers and they have both gained confidence since being separated and integrated with other dogs. Chicken has been good with both males and females but he’s sensitive so he’ll need a gentle friend or two so share a home with. He’s gaining weight with us while he waits for a loving forever home.
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