Chino is a big Border Collie-Malamute (we think) mix weighing about 80 pounds, and he's about 3 years old. He isn't good sharing an environment with other dogs, though he can probably pass by them without incident. The biggest challenge for Chino is confinement. He can climb, vault over, push under or through just about any fence other than concrete block, up to at least 7 feet. He had been a stray dog at the animal shelter we rescued him from but he had a microchip and thus, a known owner. That owner probably declined to reclaim him because he couldn't keep him securely confined. It's possible he would stay at home with his owner if he bonded with that owner and wasn't left alone, because during his escapes here (until we were able to confine him) he always just came right up to the people present at the time. Otherwise secure confinement would be necessary whenever the people/owners needed to leave.
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Border Collie/Malamute Mix