Chuck is a new arrival as of October 9, 2022, at age 8 months or so. He's a happy pup and dog-social, and he doesn't deserve the life he's had for the first part of it. He spent awhile at an animal shelter and wasn't adopted, and just about the time we were there to rescue him, he was adopted. And returned, for barking and "eating plants." We made plans to head up to the shelter again, and again Chuck was adopted. And returned, again for barking. He was adopted one more time from the shelter and returned the same day, this time because the other dog in the home didn't like him. During the time we've had him, he is not barking, and he has been well-behaved considering he's still a youngster in need of a little training. He weighs 54 pounds and he's a fawn boy with a nice coat, possibly not 100% Doberman, or perhaps still growing into a Doberman body. We intend to make sure that Chuck's next home will be a permanent, patient and loving one!
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