Cinder 2 is a female German Shepherd or Shepherd mix that we crossed paths with while picking up other dogs from an animal shelter.  Her exact age was a mystery at the time but she has grown up since then so we think she was just a pup.  She's a little over 1 year old with a thick, gorgeous black coat.  Cinder has been good with most other dogs of both genders but she has had the occasional dominance with another female dog.  She loves her people and wants to be by their side as often as possible, sometimes a little obsessively so she will need an inclusive home and a secure, solid fence so she can't get herself in trouble.  Unfortunately, she's not good with cats.
*Cinder had surgery for entropion recently because her eyelids rolled slightly in causing irritation to her eyes.  She is healing beautifully and with a little time, her fur will grown back.
Cinder 2
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