​Cyrus is a recent rescue from an upstate animal shelter whose employees assured us that he was a purebred blue Doberman Pinscher. He's not, but we're grateful for their error because we really like Cyrus - whom they called Blue Cyrus - because he's charming in all of the right ways, and we were his only ticket out of the animal shelter. Cyrus is about 7-8 years old and is probably blue Dobie and American Bulldog. He's a tall fellow with an adorable big jowly face, and once he gains much-needed weight, he'll be quite a large dog, certainly over 80 pounds. We did kennel Cyrus with a female but their relationship became strained and he has been kept alone ever since. He also has an amazing BIG bark to go with his large body size, so he'll deter unwanted intruders easily. His behavior toward kids isn't yet known. 
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