This is a courtesy post for a dog located in San Clemente, CA and you can contact his owners at with any questions or for rehoming information.

Gus is a beautiful 10 month old male Doberman/Siberian Husky mix. I have all of his medical records and his shots are up to date. He is neutered. He is housebroken. He is great with other dogs. He has not been socialized with children so I am unsure how that would be. He barks at people when they come to the house, but when we are out on walks or at the dog park he is fine around other people. It takes him some time to completely warm up to a stranger, usually giving him treats helps. He exhibits puppy playfulness and energy, enjoys playing with toys, going on walks and car rides, and going to dog parks. He does need good daily exercise and then is fairly mellow. He sleeps in the house through the night with no accidents and no mischievous chewing on things. Once he gets comfortable with you he may want to jump up and play with you, but does respond to "down" and "sit".
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