Meet Leroy! We saw this boy on a shelter’s urgent list and had a double take because he looks just like another boy we have at the rescue named Elmo. Leroy is probably about 7 years old and he had an old injury to a back leg. At some point he had ruptured a tendon and it was never addressed so it was far beyond repair and causing him pain. We had to amputate his leg so he could get around better. Luckily, Leroy is on the smaller side for a big dog so he took to his life on 3 legs quite well, though he has trouble with long distances. He’s recovered and he’s ready to find a chill forever home that can appreciate his laid back vibe. He’s great with people and lives well with large female dogs but he hasn’t had much luck around other males. A comfortable bed and little attention go a long way with Leroy and we hope he can find him the right forever home.
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