Milo is a handsome boy who is waiting for just the right home.  He's about 5-6 years old and quite handsome.  When Milo first arrived he was completely shut down.  He couldn't give or receive affection and fear would paralyze him.  He went home with one of our employees, bonded with another dog (a male Doberman) and he started to come out of his shell beautifully.  We placed him in a home for a few weeks but it did not work out.  First of all, we think Milo absolutely needs another large dog he can bond with.  He feels more confident when he has at least one canine companion to follow.  Second, he needs a quiet home without visitors.  He reacts territorially out of fear and has a hard time with a new person's presence in the home.  He bonds to his people and loves devotedly.  You won't know a sweeter love once you earn this handsome boy's trust.  It would also be ideal for his new home to have a safe space for him to be if visitors to the home are necessary.  Milo should not be in a home with kids or cats.
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