Nina was one of three young Dobie girls relinquished to a local animal shelter, so we have no information directly from an owner, but we certainly know that she is dog-social. Two other females from the same family were taken there by the owner. Nina's age was originally given as 8 months, but her animal shelter paperwork gives her age as 2 years. We place her at about 1 year because she doesn't appear to be quite full-grown yet. Nina is quite a beautiful dog, but she has had limited life experiences as yet. She didn't appear to know how to walk on a leash, and she darts away from those she doesn't know, though she appears completely unaggressive when leashed and handled by all of us who are strangers to her. At this time we're only considering placing Nina with at least one companion dog, and since we have no idea of her behavior with kids, we'll consider only adult homes until we know her better. 
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