Pax and Nico were new arrivals at the end of January, 2021. They're clearly related, but whether brothers or father and son, they're not saying. The dogs are very compatible, and they were total favorites at their animal shelter, which obligingly held them for us for 7 weeks so that we could make room for them and arrange travel to get them to us. As it turned out, their rescue liaison actually took the day off and drove his own truck to bring them 2/3 of the way to us to save them when the shelter became overfull. The dogs are not 100% Doberman; their mix is likely Austalian Shepherd or another breed with feathering rather than short hair. Pax is the more Dobie-looking boy at about 70 pounds; Nico is more solidly-built and feathered, weighing abouf 85 pounds, and they're young adults. They were booked in as stray dogs at their shelter but were brought in by a citizen, so....maybe not. Though they don't have to be placed together, it would be nice, since they're used to having another dog for companionship.
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