Ruby is a sweetheart with quite the story.  She came to us in the summer of 2022 from an animal shelter and upon arrival we knew she was really sick.  Her symptoms were severe and she was quickly diagnosed with distemper virus.  It is rare an adult would contract the virus since most dogs are vaccinated as puppies but we are assuming that Ruby hadn't been properly vaccinated and contracted the virus at the animal shelter or perhaps when she was a stray.  We cared for her round the clock and against all odds, she survived.  She has made a complete recovery since then but the neurological symptoms are permanent.  She has a slight twitch that doesn't bother her or effect her quality of life, though it gets more pronounced when she's stressed out (at the vet for example).  Ruby has been tested twice since her recovery and she does still slightly test positive and therefore, she could still be slightly contagious.  She has been around well vaccinated adult dogs with us and it hasn't been an issue but until a vet can determind otherwise, she cannot be around other dogs out in public and she cannot live with/interact with puppies.  Ruby LOVES people and she will love her family dearly.  She likes to snuggle, play and she loves going for walks.  Ruby fought for her life and she's such a happy girl but now she needs a loving, forever home. She is now almost 3 years old.
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