Sammy is a big 2-year-old blue Dobie who was rescue-only at his animal shelter because he played too roughly for the environment he was in. The owner had owned him for 6 months, having adopted him from an animal shelter. There were five kids in the home, including a 6, 4, 3 and newborn child, and an unspayed female Dalmatian. We suspect Sammy really needed a calmer environment, not one that would amp him up even more than the youthful personality behavior already evident. If living with another dog, that (large) dog should also have a calmer personality than Sammy's, though he does enjoy play. He was an indoor dog, possibly even in a large apartment with no yard, since the ex-owner specified that he was let outside three times daily. When home alone, Sammy was crated and he did well in his crate. He also behaves well in the car. Our volunteer transporters said he slept the whole way to us, about a 3-hour trip. We are recommending Sammy for active adults with a yard who can keep this 75-80 pound dog exercised and stimulated, and train him to understand that his mouthiness and other demands from him are not appropriate. He is not a resource guarder and will allow food and toys to be taken, he just needs to understand his boundaries and the owner's expectations to be the best he can be. 
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