Steele and his brother, Boris, were on their last day at a nearby animal shelter, and we had a kennel available, so they got lucky and were rescued. Immediately after putting them in a kennel with 6' welded wire sides, Steele vaulted over the side and trotted up to us, wanting attention. Next we moved the brothers to a covered, inescapable kennel, at which point they began arguing. Next we moved a confident adult female Doberman in with Steele instead, and they do well together. He's a friendly, smallish Doberman mix who is not over 18 months old. Though some of our adoptees who are fully willing and able to jump fences are happy to stay home when the "right" one presents itself, we prefer to place them with more secure boundaries, like the 8' block walls that are common in many backyards. Outside gates, of course, must also not be short enough to jump.
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