Tom is a new arrival in late August, 2021 from an animal shelter where he had been left by his owner. The owner said he was "too much" for her energy-wise, and she didn't want him. He was good with medium and large dogs, and with children as young as 5. Though he lived indoors and outdoors with this owner since he was a puppy, she had not housebroken him. Tom's animal shelter felt that he would be better placed by a rescue than by them because he was fearful and stressed. He has never bitten anyone, but insecure dogs need more time to trust their handlers than most shelters are able to provide. Tom is kenneled with a new female Doberman mix and gets along well with her. When our video people took him out they mentioned that he was "terrified." Dogs like this generally do better in the home environment when paired with a confident companion dog.
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