We received five pups that were brought to an upstate animal shelter as a group that were supposedly dumped in a desolate area and brought to the shelter by a Good Samaritan. We think this is yet another case of dogs breeding during the pandemic's worst year, when people moved and couldn't take their dogs, couldn't get or pay for spay and neuter appointments at veterinary clinics, etc. We had agreed to take two of the pups at a time, but it was implied that due to shelter overcrowding, the other three wouldn't be available later on to be rescued. As of early September, the siblings are 7 months old; four males and one female. They are very social with each other but have had no leash training or experience outside their home environment. Grace is the female, a big, light tan female. Each of the pups would probably benefit from having at least one other dog in the home, or else be adopted by a family that provides socializing with other dogs at dog parks and the like. None of them are aggressive. They are likely Doberman, Shepherd, and perhaps a little bit of Greyhound. We have submitted a test for their DNA and will report the findings when they're received.
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